Well, you had better pull up a chair – I can talk for hours with barely a pause for breath.


Let me see now – I am completely inspired by the land – being the witch that I am – hills, woodlands, ocean, moor, stars, moon, rivers, valleys, trees, and these wonders crop up in my work time after time. I am also pretty excited about magic – folklore, faery, cauldrons, broomsticks, spells, ritual, elementals, hidden realms, labyrinths and other strangeness.

I think we have one, precious, fragile, beautiful world, and I think She is worth fighting for. 

I love stitching, quilts, women’s peace camps, sisterhood, wandering, questioning, roundhouses, cake and music, lots of music. The sort you can dance barefooted in a field too. Want to join me?

I am one of the Co-Founders of the Earth Pathways Diary. Oh lucky me – do you know about our diary? It is an astrological moon diary which launched in 2008, celebrating the work of UK artists and writers who inspire our connection to the land. Click here to be whizzed over to the website. 


I also did a very pink and super mad thing in 2014 – the year I gathered thousands of knitters and bullied inspired them to knit a seven mile long Pink Peace Scarf to protest against war and in particular Trident, the U.K’s weapon of mass destruction. What a to-do that was. Part of me thinks “never again mad girl” – and the other part of me thinks “wow, you did that, what a trip”.


Well, before I write an entire novel, ahem, I would love you to take a look at some of my work that you will find over on the Artwork page.